The Bench, A Homeless Love Story
(Solo Show)

Should be seen. Brutal honesty and gentle humor…grabs you by the heart” Hollywood Revealed

Thu, Oct 04 – Thu, Dec 13
Thursdays and Fridays 8pm
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Opening Night October 4

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Running time: 60 minutes.
Most shows offer a unique talk back with the actor/writer AND the characters from the show will be made available to Q and A as well.


Hudson Mainstage Theatre
6539 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, CA  90038
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Wheelchair Access

(323) 960-7822

Mined from the true stories of people in the New York neighborhood where he lived, writer/activist Robert Galinsky presents a unique perspective of life on the streets through five homeless characters whose lives become forever entwined. With brutal honesty and humor, the story makes it alarmingly clear that so many of us are just one mistake away from joining this underserved and growing population.

“Simultaneously historical and street-level contemporary, it’s all here, says director Jay O. Sanders. “It’s a wake-up call, but wrapped in entertainment on a very visceral level. Robert’s POV is from the inside, a place that most of us have never been before.”

The Bench, A Homeless Love Story is set in the urban decay of a crumbling city during the start of the AIDS crisis. Thirty years later, what has changed?

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