Shilo Kloko

“Hollywood FRINGE 2018”

Sat, Jun 09 – Mon, Jun 11
Saturday, June 9 5PM
Sunday,June 10 7PM
Monday, June 11 8PM

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Running time: 60 minutes.


Hudson Guild Theatre
6539 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90038
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Wheelchair Access

Combining butoh with experimental animation and puppetry, Shilo Kloko uses stark, striking visuals to portray a fluid relationship between puppet and puppeteer, reflecting our unstable, fluctuating social and emotional status as humans. Created by Nao Kobayashi.
*2018 Hollywood Fringe Scholarship

When a puppet is moved by a human puppeteer, who is moving the puppeteer?

In this interdisciplinary performance piece, a relationship between puppet and puppeteer shifts fluidly throughout the piece, without keeping the conventional puppet-master hierarchy. As if reflecting our ever-changing emotion, social status, or imagination, puppetry introduces its diverse role; a manipulated object, friend, slave, missing soulmate, threat, psychological mirror, and a ritualistic vessel.

The work flows and crosses various elements; from animation and toy theatre to body movement, unconventional and traditional puppet styles, live musicians and choir… to weave serious, emotional, and comical moments all together.

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