The Death and Life of Mary Jo Kopechne

CLEVER…. Lefcourt’s revisiting of the incident at Chappaquiddick is creatively reimagined here with…comic, whimsical touches.” – Hollywood Progressive

"Tim Redmond is every inch the quintessential lawyer and fixer-in-charge... Blake Boyd has an infectious charm<... Thomas Piper creates the most genuinely moving moments of the evening." – Stage Raw

"INTRIGUING.... Beautifully crafted." – The Hollywood Times

"SUPERB... Director Terri Hanauer has the pulse of this tale and helms the show with precision and compassion.... A must-see play which is well-written and masterfully acted." – Splash Magazines

Thursday, June 28, 8 pm
Friday, June 29, 8 pm

Sat, Jun 30 – Sun, Aug 12
Fri, Sat 8 pm
Sunday 2 pm

Show Calendar

$20 Previews
$30 Fri, Sunday
$34 Saturday

Special Show Info
Running time: 100 minutes.
There will be an intermission.

Odyssey Theatre
2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90025
Ample Street Parking
Area Map

Special Theatre Info
The theatre has concessions.

(323) 960-4418

Who was Mary Jo Kopechne? The answer to a trivia question? The woman who kept Ted Kennedy from being President? The ultimate #MeToo victim? "The Death and Life of Mary Jo Kopechne" imagines who this young woman was and whom she could have been had she not gotten in the car with the senator. What if the two dead Kennedy brothers, JFK and RFK, had shown up to bail their kid brother out? What if Mary Jo Kopechne had the chance to confront them? What if things had gone differently that fateful night in July of 1969, twenty-four hours before man landed on the moon, and three years before Richard Nixon inhabited the White House? A timely dramedy of magic realism and revisionist history, told with wit and insight.

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