An Olivier Award Best New Play winner.

"...a WINNER...wonderful performances!"
- Discover Hollywood

"...performances that will leave you BREATHLESS...do not miss this show!"
- Joe Straw Reviews

Thursday, Sept 7, 8:30 pm
Friday, Sept 8, 8:30 pm

Sat, Sep 09 – Sun, Oct 22
Fri, Sat 8:30 pm
Sunday 3 pm

Show Calendar

No Performances
Friday, Oct 6
Saturday, Oct 7
Sunday Oct 8

$20 Previews
$25 Fri, Sat
$25 Sunday Matinee

Special Show Info
Running time: 80 minutes.
No late seating. Secure parking lot nearby, $6.

MET Theatre- The Great Scott (downstairs)
1089 N. Oxford Ave
Hollywood, CA  90029
Parking Lot Parking
Area Map

Special Theatre Info
The entrance is on Santa Monica Blvd
Parking is at 5250 Santa Monica Blvd
wheelchair access

The theatre has concessions.

(323) 960-4412

Two people who once had a passionate affair meet again fifteen years later. Ray is confronted with his past when Una arrives unannounced at his office. Guilt, rage and raw emotions run high as they recollect their relationship when she was twelve and he was forty. Without any moral judgments, the play never shies away from the brutal shattering truth of the abandoned and unconventional love. Ray, fifty-six, after years in prison and subsequent hardships, has a new identity and has made a new life for himself, thinking that he could no longer be found. Una, twenty-seven, has thought of nothing else, and on finding a photo of him, sets out to find Ray. She is looking for answers not vengeance. Nevertheless, the consequences are shattering.

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