Lusting After Pipino's Wife

"A very funny play... I believe you'll be a happier and better person if you see
Lusting After Pipino's Wife.
" -New York Post

Sat, Feb 11 – Wed, Apr 19
Sat, Sun 8pm (2/11-2/19)
Sat, Sun 3pm (2/25-3/4)
Tue, Wed 8pm (4/5-4/19)
Sat 2pm (4/18)

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Running time: 80 minutes.


THEATRE 68 (formerly deaf West/Antaeus theatre)
5112 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA  91601
Ample Street Parking
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Wheelchair Access

The theatre has concessions.

(323) 960-5068

"Lusting After Pipino's Wife" is Sam Henry Kass' long running Off-Broadway Comedy about the never ending war between the sexes. Restaurant owner Vinnie and his best friend Patsy like to sit around and talk about women and about life in general. A favorite topic
is the restaurant dishwasher's gorgeous wife. Vinnie can't understand how a nobody like Pipino can have such a wife. In fact, he doesn't understand why women won't give him the time of day, especially tough as nails Lorraine, whose friend Rita dates Patsy. Patsy decides he can find success selling shoes on the street and he proposes to Rita. Their wedding is disrupted by a gun welding Lorraine, who rescues Rita from the altar, leaving Vinnie and Patsy to speculate and commiserate again about the mysteries of women.

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