The Twilight of Schlomo

EXTENDED Through February 15th!!

"McNeil deftly reveals in layered dialogue that feels slice-of-life authentic yet imaginatively sculpted...compelling study of a former stand-up comic at the crossroads, possibly his best work yet...decidedly remarkable."

"Goldstein reveals enough charm, wit, vulnerability, and depth of feeling to keep us rooting for him. And there are fine performances from the rest of the cast. Director David Fofi gives the piece an impeccable and finely modulated production..." - ARTS IN LA

"Timothy McNeil has written an honest, compelling mood piece. His characters are all strong and realistic, and the laughter generated is of the rueful kind rather than guffaw-inducing. It’s well-staged by director David Fofi" - BLOGCRITICS

TOLUCAN TIMES says, “A cutting edge” winner! This is a powerfully involving production … top notch in all aspects of theater. Pitch perfect portrayals all round!"

"Director David Fofi and a uniformly strong cast make the most of all these vivid characters and even effectively sell us...McNeil delivers a frequently funny, consistently interesting personal drama"
- LAist

"Schlomo is the most touching, feel-it-in-your-gut type of show that will bring out anyone’s humanity. Even assholes."

"Goldstein is especially impressive, taking us through this flawed man’s confused emotions with poignancy and wit. Production credits are solid: notably the atmospherically sterile black-gray-white set and excellent lighting...and sound effects by Matt Richter and Peter Bayne."


Elephant Theatre Company
presents a world premiere play

by Timothy Mcneil

Directed by David Fofi

This is the final chapter in Timothy McNeil’s Hollywood Trilogy which includes Los Muertos and Anything.


Thurs Jan 9
Fri Jan 10

Sat, Jan 11 – Sat, Feb 15
Thurs,Fri, Sat, 8 pm
Sunday Jan 26, 5 pm
Sunday Feb 9, 7 pm
Saturday Fed 15, 3pm Last Show

Show Calendar

No Performances
Jan 23
Feb 1st

$25 at door
$15 Previews

Special Events
Special Engagement,
Sunday Jan 12th, 7 pm

Special Show Info
Running time: 90 minutes.

Elephant Space Theatre
6322 Santa Monica Blvd
One block W. of Vine on Santa Monica Bl.
Hollywood, CA  90038
Street Parking
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In this Los Angeles based story. A former not-quite-successful stand-up comic,  faces the deep and dark realities of his present existence that his lifestyle and choices have led to , holed up in a dank one bedroom apartment in East Hollywood.  His distant step-daughter from an ex wife  arrives unexpectedly with shocking news, and his neighbors reveal dangerous and violent secrets through his thin apartment walls. As those around him threaten his solitude, Richard uses weed , blow and acidic humor as armor, wrestling with his own personal truths and discovering who he still wants to be. The Twilight of Schlomo explores how our simplest choices sometimes have far-reaching effects for those around us, and how redemption might never be too far away.

This is the final chapter in Timothy McNeil’s Hollywood Trilogy which includes Los Muertos and Anything

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