"The performances are flawless! Quality work “Lost Limbs,” is a smart, thought provoking new play" LIFE IN LA

"Lost Limbs is a deeply lyrical...This show is for people who love language." - LA SPLASH

Fri, Apr 20 – Sun, May 13
Friday April 20th & Saturday April 21st @8PM
Friday April 27th & Saturday April 28th @8PM
Saturday May 5th @8PM & Sunday May 6th @7PM
Saturday May 12th @8PM & Sunday May 13th @7PM

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Running time: 60 minutes.

Elephant Stages - Studio Stage Theatre
6322 Santa Monica Blvd.
(Santa Monica & 1078 Lillian Way)
Los Angeles, CA  90038
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Arrive early for best street parking

(323) 960-5774

After experiencing the sudden loss of a loved one, two people’s understanding of the world as they know it is shattered and they are both forced to lose everything in order to find themselves again. A gripping character-driven piece, Lost Limbs follows two intertwining lives in the two farthest flung United States. The man, a boat builder in Alaska, and the woman, an academic-turned-gardener in Hawaii, recount their life stories and how it is only by setting out to sea that their paths finally cross, in the middle of the South Pacific. A mix of poetry, confessional, and multi-media projections, Lost Limbs is a bold new play that reminds us that plunging into the depths of life’s despair can be the first step toward reaching its greatest joys.

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