"GO! Hilarious... Frazer has wit and charm, and director-designer Kiff Scholl keeps things brisk on a clever set" - LA WEEKLY

"A laugh-filled and fascinating 75-minute performance."-BACKSTAGE

"This is one funny book. Damn it." - Ray Romano

“Hilarious and Biting” - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“Caustically funny yet quietly moving”

"Brian Frazer has written a very touching and hilarious exploration of family, hypochondria and road rage. It's awesome."
- Greg Behrendt, Coauthor of HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU

"Brian Frazer makes you laugh as he debuts this sensitive and controversial story....Frazer delivers a live, intense, and comedic monologue." -SOCAL.COM

Friday, September 30th, 8pm

Sat, Oct 01 – Sun, Nov 06
Fri, Sat @ 8pm
Sun @ 7pm

Show Calendar

$20 General Admission
$10 Preview

Special Show Info
Running time: 75 minutes.

Asylum Lab
1078 Lillian Way
Los Angeles, CA  90038
Street Parking
Area Map

Special Theatre Info
Handicap accessible - Theatre located at Lillian Way & Santa Monica Blvd.

The theatre has concessions.

(323) 960-7785

Are you easily stressed out? Do your neck veins bulge out from road rage yelling? Does the concept of relaxing seem like it'll have to wait until you're dead? Then your name could very well be Brian Frazer.

On paper, Brian is the world's healthiest guy. He's a former award-winning stand-up comic who eats right, exercises, gets plenty of sleep, never smokes, and has only missed one day of flossing in the last five years. But inside, he's a swirling cesspool of angst. Brian has the ability to contract a new illness and/or disorder almost every month. In his quixotic quest for calm, he ventures into everything from seratonin blockers and Tai Chi to Ayurveda and Kabbalah. Never has the road to Wellville been the site of so many wrong turns.

This one-man show is based on Brian’s Simon & Schuster memoir, “Hyper-Chondriac: One Man’s Quest to Hurry Up and Calm Down”, which has been called “Hilarious and Biting” by Entertainment Weekly and “Caustically funny yet quietly moving” by USA Today.

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