Glengarry Glen Ross
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Glengarry Glen Ross

Bottom Line:
A bright and bushy-tailed Hollywood production sheds light on the gritty Mamet classic.

Most impressively, the ensemble work -- which first-time L.A. director Seth Howard and the cast pull with the dazzling precision and comic impact of a Mozart opera -- provides each of the actors, with one exception, with a secure framework in which to quickly find their comfort zone for a series of finely honed, clearly personal interpretations.

William Russ' Shelly Levene is simultaneously suave and desperate, surprisingly naturalistic and just on the verge of being authentic, even sympathetic -- just as a one-time super-salesperson should be. Lipper's Dave Moss has the right blend of hard-edged cynicism and relentless self-pity that explains how he is willing to bludgeon his colleagues when conning doesn't work. Ian Gomez's befuddled George Aranow struggles against the terrible dimensions of his apparent fate with occasional redeeming touches of dignity. David Lascher's uptight, well-judged John Williamson at the end savors his little triumph over Shelly with a smile that even a mother couldn't love.

Reviewed by Laurence Vittes

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Although David Mamet's "Glengarry Glen Ross" is 24 years old, its caustically funny look at power dynamics still snaps and sizzles with authenticity.

Director Seth Howard focuses sharply on the ever-changing relationships between the characters, catching the subtle shifts, and his skillful cast tears into Mamet's meaty dialogue like expert carnivores.

Taken from the Review by Terry Morgan

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LA TIMES Readers give the show 4-Stars

"This show rocks! The cast is awesome... must see!!"


"Glengarry Better Than Expected"
I was hesitant to see this play for fear that it just wouldn't live up to the performances of the brilliant actors in the movie. I'm glad I came. I was shocked at how good this cast was and found myself laughing throughout the show. This group actually made this a more enjoyable show for me than the film, as it had a heightened sense of the comedy in Mamet's work. I think this play is one of the rare theater treats in L.A.


Mamet's Pulitzer prize-winning play is a must see! Director Seth Howard created the cutthroat real estate salesman's performance outstandingly humorous. The cast was spot on! BRAVO!


"A tour de force"

-- Dave Lerman XM Radio

Seth Howard's direction is muscular and unyielding in its energy and beefy vulgarity.

By Madeleine Shaner


...amazing show..."

"The fast-moving dialogue and aggressive business proceedings give “Glengarry Glen Ross” an intellectual, masculine tone. The cast, most notably Russ and Mount, bring an energy to the stage that creates an absorbing theater experience without feeling exhausting or straining. Watching the corrupt proceedings, however, brings a palpable feeling of discomfort; as the first scene alternates between three different business proceedings, between Shelley and Williamson, Moss and Aaranow, and Roma and Lingk, the actors only sit and talk, but listening to their conversations feels like listening to a wire-tapped secret service phone call. Gomez and Lascher especially bring an anxious energy to their roles, showing their character’s respective discomforts with their jobs through subtle facial expressions and gestures.

Business and corruption seem synonymous, at least in its pop culture portrayal, but Mamet’s “Glengarry Glen Ross” takes this relationship to the next eerie, chilling level.

Reviewed by Jenae

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From the Review of "BOY ABOUT TOWN"

"Seth Howard has taken what could have been a slow moving production a turned it into a play that leaves you wanting to know more about every person that graces the stage.

With a cast that seems to have been meant to work together, the whole story and sub-plots build to a fabulous peak that left everyone around me hanging on every word uttered as well as those words not uttered."

David Lipper was outstanding...

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Taken from Review by Joe Wehinger

Years in the Making

“Almost fifteen years ago we were in acting class together”, actor/producer Lipper says, standing next to the director Seth Howard. “We have always been trying to find a project to do together. This one worked out. We are lucky to work together and lucky to get our friends to come work with us”. Howard is all smiles, overcome by emotion and has little to say. They both stand at the party’s entrance thanking and congratulating everyone as they walk in.

Christine Lynne, who produced with Lipper, is just as happy. She has the tired smile of a producer with big, beaming eyes, so proud of the opening night’s show.

Hugo’s Has the Party

The classy eatery has dimmed its lights for an evening of cocktails, appetizers and conversation. Congrats to all. Crowds form and soon enough laughter and good times.

Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Nia Vardalos, next seen in “My Life in Ruins” sits with Ian Gomez, “I’m here to support Ian and the rest of the cast. They did a wonderful job”.

Another acclaimed writer is in the room. Creator of HBO mega-hit “Entourage” Doug Ellin says, “David Mamet is a masterful storyteller. I’d see anything he did. Take that with my friends being in a production, inviting me out for a good cause. I’m glad to be here. Glad to be invited”.

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